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add a POC* to your home decor

6” Valencia Recycled Glass Vases are a wonderful home accent and the perfect way to display flowers and greenery. Available in five colors: clear, purple, blue, amber and green. * pop of color


Stay Breezy

Wearable Wireless Cooling Relief...designed for everyone! The blade-free 2021 W Fan. Made using a sirocco fan, the blade-free 202 W Fan is ultra quiet and just as powerful as previous W Fans.
Engineered and designed to sit comfortably around the neck, the blade-free 2021 W Fan has 5 speeds to choose from and is the ultimate way to stay breezy.

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Buddy Beat Light with Call Answering

When it’s dark outside, evening activities can be dangerous, especially if you can’t be seen or do not have enough light around you. Buddy Beat Light is the best product to have around…around your neck that is!

Buddy Beat Light is also a Bluetooth speaker allowing you to listen to music, pod casts, etc. In addition, it can also receive calls when connected to a cellphone!

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