Jellyfish Balance Ball Chair

The Jellyfish Chair was designed for those who value multi-tasking. It helps to improve your posture while sitting at your desk, knitting, watching TV or feeding the baby. When sitting, you wind-up exercising your core with the light cardio the chair provides. The chair has a fixed balance ball which allows stability that a traditional exercise ball does not provide. • The chair lifts your pelvis up and straightens your backbone, helping you sit in a stable position. • Exercise your hips, legs and back muscles by bouncing up and down and moving left to right. • Great to use as your daily chair. • Perfect for any office space, the chair helps to workout your muscles, instead of sitting for hours in a strained position. • If you had surgery, only use after you have gotten permission to exercise after your 1-month check-up. • For you and your child’s safety, make sure to support the baby’s neck and use a baby sling when you sit.